Welcome to Jimmy’s Rutland Smokehouse

Jimmy's Rutland Smokehouse was born over 10 years ago here at The Kings Arms. It was the seasonal glut of Trout (and the need to preserve them) that got the ball rolling. Smoking is one of the oldest ways of preserving foods and at The Kings Arms we have conserved the old ways, to retain the real taste of properly smoked local meats and fish. The real secret is our insistance in only starting with the very, very best of local produce. The end product is only as good as the one you start with. Everything is prepared and smoked on site, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Seasonality plays a large roll here, the game season being a particular favourite, venison salami's and bresoala's, pigeon breasts, goose bacon and other treats worth the yearly wait. Along with pheasants, partridge and wild ducks ground game such as hare and rabbit are also very much enjoyed.

In the hygienic preparation areas of The Kitchen, Rutland Trout is salted and smoked; bacon, hams and other meats cured and sliced. We started in 2004 using the knowledge I had gleened from the Swiss I worked with in Canton Wallis up by the Matterhorn in the Alps, whose air dried meats were second to none. Add to this four years spent learning the fish curing and smoking processes of the Danish people, whose love of Eel, Trout and herrings was the inspiration to bring the skills home to a new audience.

If you do decide to stay with us it's always great to know that our Award winning breakfasts are produced entirely onsite, black pudding, bacon and sausage and all available to take home if you so choose, a great little reminder of days spent in Rutland. 

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