The Kitchen at the King’s Arms

Here at the Kings’s Arms we pride ourselves on our reputation for “Real Food”, and locally influenced seasonal menus. As fully paid up members of the Rutland and Lincolnshire Slow Food Convivium we welcome you to the heart of Rural Rutland, and hope that you enjoy what our county has to offer. Our approach is “Artisanal” and simple; if it can be made on site it will be!

We buy whole free range beasts for the kitchen locally, and not just the prime cuts. Ours is a “Nose to Tail” approach and nothing goes to waste, respecting all the animal has to offer. All charcuterie is produced “in house” from either local, wild or free range animals and when needed smoked in Jimmy's Rutland Smokehouse onsite, a selection of which is available to purchase and take home. All breads, pastries and biscuits are baked daily in house with organic flour from Whissendine mill. All our stocks, chutneys, marmalades, jams, drippings, relishes, sauces, dressings, ketchups, mustards etc are also homemade. So when you choose the Kings Arms Wing for your next meal out you truly really are in for a unique dining experience.

Asparagus & WIld Garlic

An awesome 5 - 6 weeks befall us every year around this time, when 2 of my favourite ingredients come into season at exactly the same time. The smell of wild garlic perfumes our woodlands kicked up by the two dogs going around their doggy business. We take time to harvest plenty of the rich green leaves for our pesto, so versatile it goes to improve pretty much everything, from fish and meats to a dressing on risottos and grilled vegetables. In the kitchen it's a treat just to have some perfect chips to dunk in it for a cheeky snack. The asparagus season is also in full swing. Our Ashby Farm (Oundle) Asparagus Menu, includes a whole host of toppings for these sweet green spears. Calves Liver, Tiger Prawns or crispy sweetbreads, or just plain with one of our hens' poached eggs. If you don't fancy a full main meal of it, just lightly poached or grilled served alongside a piece of fish or meat, or even as a show stopping risotto topped with some of the wild garlic pesto. This dedicated menu runs to about the last week in June when our spectacular native asparagus disappears for another year. Truly seasonal, delicious and well worth the wait. So remember to embrace what is local, fresh and seasonal, keep it simple and you will never be far from a great meal.