Kate has entered Jimmy into the Great British Pub Awards int eh category of Best Pub chef 2021. Kate believes greatly in Jimmy’s cooking talents, as we know many of our lovely loyal customers do who keep coming back for his fine plates of delicious food. On a rare quiet day, she saw a random email about this competition and on the quiet entered Jimmy into the Best Pub Chef category. Completely forgetting that I had done it a response came through a month later saying he had made the short-list and through to the second round of judging at this point I had to come clean and tell Jimmy what I had done. With a few laughs we thought nothing more of it and thought that would be the end of it.

Well, a few weeks later we received another email saying ‘Congratulations. Jimmy has made it through to the last 5 chefs and is now a finalist’ in this very large competition.

He has had to do a virtual cook off for the judge’s whist being interviewed which was novel and challenging as our Wi-Fi in the kitchen is non-existent, but we muddled through. He cooked a delicious venison lion dish with beetroot a bit of a firm favourite of ours. We wait to see whether he is a winner in this industries award on Tuesday 28th September at 5.30pm. Before then we have to workout how we live stream the event, another technical challenge we will have to overcome.