We were very excited to be approached by Charlie Coupe frome Schoffel Country the clothing brand in August to see if we would like to do a Diary segment with them. This is a new little page they have added to their channel and website to engage more with the customers and also the countryside. The current diary they have is ‘The Day in the Life of a Game Keeper – Diary of a Gamekeeper | Schoffel Country

We obviously jumped at the chance and have started filming working and filming with Charlie Coup and Patrick Tillard to create our version of a Day in the life of a country pub chef. It’s been really interesting and enjoyable. So far, we have done one day of filming or rather Jimmy has and there are 2 more planned. This will be launched before Christmas alongside some great recipes you can make at home. We cannot wait to see the finished piece and feel very lucky to have been considered for this opportunity to showcase our love of all things local, the countryside and our great passion for promoting eating more game. We cannot wait to see what they finally come up with as they have been filming the entire process. Watch this space.